It’s official – I’m old.

Last weekend I thought I was all fancy and all swinging at the park with my daughter – aiming for the trees..

Fun stuff right? I thought so.

And then it was over.

Instantly - I was sick – motion sick – ugh, get me off!

Had to sit on the rocks and take Advil when I got home.

Really – I am only 41 – what happened!?

And then today – I confirmed it further.

Sitting in the driveway potting my last planter – stood up scooped some dirt.

That was it – I was down like the ladies in the Life Alert commercials – so much pain in my back.

I always have my phone on me – not this time.

After a painful and shameful successful attempt at standing up – I managed to take some Advil and then just sit for an hour.

I was afraid if I laid down – I wouldn’t get back up.

Horrible – I hate this. Not sure if it was from my workout, or hanging my light fixture, or just scooping dirt – or just old fashioned – O.L.D!

If the weather holds out - tomorrow I will be photographing all of my outdoor projects I have been working on – since it wasn’t happening today!

In the meantime, I thought I would share new pictures of our fairy garden.

This is where we started…

Now the peat moss has broken down and everything is filling in. And we have some beautiful – and appropriate I think – clover growing in.

What do think – do you like it better all neat and tidy or haphazard and grown in?

June 14, 2012 — Laura Putnam