Recently I shared Part 1 of Finding Your Landscape Style.

I am really hoping that by sharing the mistakes we have made in regards to our landscaping, I can prevent you from doing the same.

I have been working over the last few weeks to make better decisions and hopefully get our front landscaping as we really want it – meaning that we like the way it looks and we are capable of managing it.

So, I have put together a list of considerations for making decisions about our landscape style and I thought I would share that list with you.

landscape style

I already reviewed points 1 and 2 in the last post, so today I will cover point 3.

Regardless of what your style is inside, I believe that style can be translated to the outdoors.

I am starting to realize that may be one of the reasons what I have done outside hasn’t worked yet is because I haven’t been true to my style.

My Mistake – Not making a plan for what my outdoor style is and implementing it.

So, I started to think, I already have a pretty clear style indoors.

Could I literally translate some of the my favorite elements from inside my home outdoors?

I know, groundbreaking – ha!

I started from what I already knew.

There are two plants I have used (and I am still using) that actually have worked out well and I have loved.

Boxwoods and Hydrangeas.

And this lovely picture happens to show both together which makes me so very happy.


This setting is much more formal than my taste, but it provides such great inspiration.

This grouping is more causal, I love the layered look. It also introduces the idea of adding annuals to the mix which I had not thought of and I am totally going to steal be inspired by.


And this picture inspired a new idea of boxwoods in a container – which I love these so very much (have you ever seen one like this?).


I have had great success over the last few years with Endless Summer Hydrangeas.

They do cost more – but for me they have flowered well into the fall and have handled full sun most of the day really well.


sorry – could not locate source!

So, here is how I am approaching things now:

Instead of having a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t working, I am focusing on what I really like.

This is how I started to see things:

The armoire in our family room is traditional, structured and has a strong presence in our family room.

I see boxwoods as the equivalent of that.

Our sofas are also a large part of this room. They are less structured, soft and have pops of color on them – like hydrangeas.

I love how they contrast each other. The structure against the soft and free flowing.

Are you still with me? Is this a totally crazy idea or does it make some sense?

I am now working to build my front flower beds like I would build a room.

Instead of including too many unrelated elements, I am simplifying and using plants that I love and reflect my style.

Do you think this approach would work for you?

Where are you most comfortable in your home, what room best expresses your style?

Start using that as a guide for selecting plants and you may end up with a space outside that you love as much as inside.

In the next part of the series I will be covering the key missing ingredient in our outdoor space that is so prevalent inside – accessories and vintage accents.

If you are interested in some other interesting outdoor ideas you can follow my Outdoor Spaces Pinterest page.

You may even find out how to shape a boxwood into an elephant!

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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April 27, 2012 — Laura Putnam