Full Circle Moment

When I was growing up, I quickly discovered that a sport that involved a ball was not my strong suit.

I gravitated towards running, something my skills could handle better.

Full Circle Moment

So, when my daughters started playing softball and other team sports, I just didn’t get it.


But slowly, I began to understand the lessons that can be learned on the ball field. Some good, some bad. All valuable.

But this year, was a whole new level.

My girl, Sunshine, had the opportunity to be part of the All-Star team. All-Star is the right description. These girls are all stars and their coaches are all stars – because they are kind, fun and good-hearted people.

On the first night of practice, there was a parent meeting. The head coach told us all about when he was 12, his little league team made it all the way to the “Flag Game” and won.

He told us how he could tell you each of those boys names but he couldn’t tell you much about the guys he played ball with in high school and college. That his experience with those boys was priceless.

Again, I didn’t really get it.


Well, my friends, last night those girls, those coaches and my girl – won the flag game. For what I think is the first time for our sweet little community.


The number of people who came out to the game and cheered was overwhelming. The number of people who have spoken so kindly to my daughter in the last 24 hours have given her such a generous sense of accomplishment and confidence.

When the game was over, I went up to her coach and explained to him that I didn’t really get that story on the first night.

Now, I get it.

And he smiled and said, “And now, someday she will be able to tell the same story to her little league team.”

And, it was a full circle moment.

Thanks for reading and wishing you a full circle moment!


June 27, 2013 — Laura Putnam