Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wayfair.com. Decorating-Screened-Porch-for-Summer Our screened porch has long been one of my favorite spaces in our home, and now it is just our style. It is where the slower nights happen, where conversations flow and we just relax. It is where we come in from the pool and wrap up in blankets as the nights start to get cooler. When we originally decorated it, I had found this amazing vintage set that I fell in love with. I scrubbed it with a wire brush and painted it bright red and filled the whole space with bright colors and vintage pieces. After a few seasons, I made a discovery. There is a reason they don't make vintage furniture like they used to. It is not very comfortable! I shared with you a few weeks ago that I had a plan in mind for some changes - and now it is all done! And I love it so! Our-Summer-Screened-Porch We still want to replace that table with something larger and with more leg room underneath, but other than that, our porch is fully operational for the summer and right into the fall. It is filled with softer colors and has more of a farmhouse feel, with a little bit of a modern take. It feels more like the rest of our house and is way more comfortable and peaceful. And there is a spot for everyone to sit and enjoy. And it all started with this set from Wayfair.com - The Catalina four piece seating set. Simple-Porch-Decorating I kept the same chicken coop coffee table that we made a few years ago and added this rug from Joss & Main that I purchased. The beige throw pillows came with the set and the others I either had or picked up at Homegoods. They are actually not outdoor pillows but it is completely covered in here. We will see how that works out! The other pillows from the set were added to our front porch. Decorating-Screened-Porch I kept the accessories simple, just bringing in some plants and such. I made sure there was a place for the dogs. It has cracked me up how they knew it was their spot from the first night and most nights since. I found the dog bed at Homegoods. Goldendoodle-on-the-porch I feel all swoony when I see the beams with the wicker of the furniture and the wicker of our chandelier all together against the white walls. It's like the chandelier was waiting all these years to really really look good. The knots of the pine have started to bleed through the paint on the walls, which I always knew they would, and I love it. Simple-Wicker-Navy-Gray-Screened-Porch copy There is quite the story around this lantern. I will share it another day, but let's just say, head wounds really do bleed. Galvanized-Lantern-Refinished I am learning to simplify decorating. When the boxes arrived from Wayfair with this set (it was mind blowing that the whole thing came in four not huge boxes!), it only took a little bit of time to set up. I must admit, I wasn't even here and when I got back from running a few errands it was all set to go. Other than cleaning the pollen that was on the floor and sills, it was just a matter of placing things. I took out everything that wasn't working any more and posted it on Facebook for my friends to come and pick up. Everything got a new home to be loved once again. Wicker-seating-screen-porch And with that, I am off to enjoy this incredible space. Let me know if you have any questions that I can answer! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1 Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Wayfair.com and we appreciate them supporting our blog. All opinions, ideas and blissful delight are my own.