So, yesterday I pulled together all of the Halloween Wreaths I have been working on.

Today, I am going to share my fall wreaths.


This one gets a little long, so I hope you will stay with me!

I am not going to lie.

This one took a long time.

I used a tweed hounds tooth fabric.

First, I used thin long strips to cover the Styrofoam type wreath form.

Then, I made wider strips and hand stitched one side with a “ruffle” stitch.

I pulled the thread to the desired amount of “ruffle” and wrapped it around the wreath form.

I stopped in the back if I did not have enough length to go all the way around, then started a new strip of fabric.

Once that was complete I layered on some fabric flowers in the same fabric, a coordinated tweed and silk type ribbon.

I used vintage buttons at the centers of the flowers.

Then I layered and hot glued in feathers, pinecones and an owl friend.

I added a ribbon for hanging and it was completed.

The next wreath I worked on went in a totally different direction.

I started with a grapevine wreath.

The first piece I added was the birch type fencing and then I placed another owl friend resting on the fence.

I added moss to fill is some space below the fence and then layered on (with hot glue) pinecones.

Then I began layering with the branches and quirky mushrooms.

These all came from floral picks cut apart to be placed where I felt they worked best.

I placed a pumpkin of the fence, used a burlap type ribbon for hanging, and it was finished!

The final wreath also includes an owl friend – I guess I have a thing for owls these days.

I started with a moss wreath, which I love just by itself.

I added some moss – stones?, not sure what else to call them.

I layered in some branch mushrooms, sticks and acorns.

I wrapped the wreath in a grapevine ribbon.

The final touch was a branch slice.

I used a wood burner to add the “Hoo” and the footprints.

Oh, and I also used the wood burned to drop it between my fingers, freak out, drop it on the floor, freak out since it was on the rug, pick it up, and then go get a whole lot of ice for my hand.

Then I put it away.

Then, I added the same burlap type ribbon for hanging.

If you are still here after this long post, thanks so much and please go visit Southern Hospitality to be inspired by a whole bunch of Fall Door Decor.

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