DIY Wall Art

I created this project for Christmas originally, but I think it is perfect for year round. Of course, you will have to excuse that all of the pictures are from Christmas time - but you get the idea!

A DIY star made from yardsticks - an easy and quick DIY wall art project.

How to:

- Start with 5 yardsticks. I picked mine up at a True Value store and just hit them with some of Miss Mustard Seed’s antiquing wax to make them look older. This would also work great with vintage yardsticks.

- Lay them out in a star pattern

- Use a drill to make a small hole at each joint.

- Attach each “point” with a small bolt and nut. Keep it loose until they are all attached. Then form your desired star shape and tighten the bolts to hold in place.


I wired on a cluster of holly and tied on a ribbon for Christmas - but have now taken it off for year round use.

Just remove the holly and ribbon and it is ready for year round decorating.

It is perfect on a gallery wall


Or on a mantel…

And of course, outside…


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