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That title sounds very dramatic, doesn't it? But, I have a love / hate relationship with cleaning.

Actually, truth is, I really just don’t like it.

I know some people find it relaxing and do it with great ease. I am not one of those people.

But, I have come to realize that keeping my home clean and organized goes hand in hand with decorating my home.

What is the purpose of creating a beautiful home if it is a mess and disorganized?


What is the purpose of a treasured piece of furniture of it isn’t well cared for and maintained?

Now, I am not talking about perfection or stressing ourselves out further. Just as I spoke of the other day, I think there are ways to organize our homes without getting overwhelmed.

I also think cleaning our homes shouldn’t be overwhelming either.

The other day, when I shared my first 10 Minute Decorating Ideas, I had to stop and clean as I took pictures. Actually, my whole darn stove had to be cleaned.

At first, I felt annoyed.

And then I realized- the two go hand in hand.

If I had put together a nice display on the counter but there was a dirty stove behind it, what purpose would that serve my family and myself? How is that creating a comfortable home environment for my family?

So, I am going to try and embrace cleaning a little more – and make it part of my decorating.

And I am lucky enough to share with you that I have partnered with Endust to bring you some ideas on how to do just that.

Endust, along with Wayfair, have asked me to share some of my ideas on The Heart of the Home. Here you will find:

Tips for Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

5 Furniture Care Tips

5 Tips for Organizing Your Home for Your Family

The Story of Our Kitchen Table

The Story of How We Live in Our Kitchen

Resolutions for Our Home in The New Year

Oh, and if you ever wondered what I sound like, – there is a quick video here!

And, if you are a coupon user - there is a coupon too!

If you are not a user of Endust products, they have a whole line of products that I really have enjoyed using. And the lemon scent of the dusting spray fits into my “scent snob” approval! They are quick and easy and keep moving on to what needs to be done next.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some more ideas on ways to try and make cleaning a little more manageable so you can get on to more decorating!

Wishing you a great day and thanks for reading!

postsignature.pngThis is a sponsored post from Endust, all opinions are my own.

January 14, 2014 — Laura Putnam