Jewelry-Organizer-DIY It seems like a jewelry storage organizer would be a pretty cut and dry thing to share about. In this case, however, it is part of something more. We are finally working on our master bedroom again! And, I was able to complete this first project because I still having hoarding tendencies. This vintage wood frame - that used to be part of something else (I don't know what) - has been in our garage for a long long time. At one point, it held a wreath at the holidays, but since then it has just been waiting for its true purpose - to organize all of my necklaces. Vintage-DIY-Jewelry-Organizer It is kind of funny to see them all here now because I don't even wear necklaces all that much, but when I do, they make all the difference. There is a mixture of new and vintage, a blend of bought and made and some that are inexpensive and some that are more valuable. The progress is that none of them are tangled, all of them are able to be seen and accessed. In my case, I already had the framework and simply strengthened it with some corner brackets. If you were starting from scratch, you could simple make some 45 degree angles or butt joints to join the corners and connect them with side and front style brackets. You could size it according to your space and needs and you could even add an additional row. Simple-Tutorial-jewelry-storage-Organizer Again, with my hoarding tendencies, I had an old cheese box filled with old flat nails. That is what I had, but any type of nails or upholstery tacks would work just as well. I drilled a pilot hole first so that it didn't split the wood when I tapped the nails in. I should tell you that I measured and marked so that each of the nails were perfectly spaced. I didn't, I just went for it. Simple-DIY-Jewelry-Organizer The top two sections work best for the shorter necklaces. Organizing-Jewelry And then I hung all of my longer necklaces on the bottom. Necklace-Organizer-DIY This sweet little ladder has played many roles over the years as well. I have it just rested on the wall and I have looped all of my leather cuffs on the rungs. They were taking up too much space in the drawer I had them in, plus they were getting squished. Now, they are easy to grab and put away. Organizing-Cuff-Bracelets I think my favorite part of the whole project is that now all of my necklaces are acting like art in the room. The pops of color are so pretty and the wood against the white walls makes me giddy. Did you notice that the walls are white now? I finally moved on from the green that has been there for 15 years. Jewelry-as-Art So, the first thing in the bedroom was to get the new bed, which we did over a year ago. We moved the furniture around and now the walls are white. What is next?
  • Nightstands - I have the perfect vision in my head, just have to find it. I have been looking forever.
  • New bedding - can not seem to find what I want
  • Small loveseat in front of the bed (the chair just went to my daughter's room last week, the other thing we are working on right now)
  • I am thinking some sort of architectural salvage above the bed - haven't found it yet.
  • Art for the walls - not too much, keeping it simple.
  • New lamps - I am thinking I will likely do sconces. I found some US made ones I think I am going to order, but just trying to finalize the nightstands first.
If you would like to see what our bedroom looked before we started all of this and what I thought my plans would be you can go here. Thanks so much for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1