DIY Desks from Vintage Doors

Some men bring home jewelry for their wives.

My husband, brings home old doors – and I am so glad.

DIY Desks from Vintage DoorsMany years ago, Dana was driving past Drewsville General Store in NH, just an ordinary day. And then he saw them – four perfectly old and chippy doors – each for $1 – and he scooped them up.

DIY Desks from Vintage DoorsBut the problem was - they were in NH. But one day (we are debating if my father-in-law brought them down in his pick-up or his brother brought them down when he drove down Dana’s John Deere Tractor), they made it to NY.

DIY Desks from Vintage DoorsAnd they sat. For a very long time.

And one day, I had a great idea for a project and I quickly ran to get them from the side of the garage, from under the tarps.

And then I realized that was also where the snakes were cooling themselves for their summer.

So, I decided my idea really wasn’t that good.

They were eventually moved into garage, away from the snakes, and I knew I wanted to use two of them to make into our desks. They seemed too big for the office and I just didn’t know how to make it work.

But then my handsome and sweet husband figured out we could cut them down with a circular saw to the perfect size for our office.

See, the snakes prevented me from using them earlier so they could be use for their true destiny!

And so we cut them down, power washed them, sanded them and then coated and buffed them with Annie Sloan dark wax. And then we added these legs (which can be ordered online!) and topped it with a sheet of quarter inch glass ordered through a local glass cutter.

And in the process of pulling everything together I have also been really organizing my craft supplies. Now, all of my favorite fountain pen, paint pens, fancy markers, paint brushes and colored pencils are right on my desk where I can easily use them.

All that and a spot for my phone.

And it is bright and colorful and makes me happy.

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Thanks so much for reading!

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