So, this one was a really long time in coming.

You see, we built (by we, I mean Hubby) ourselves. But this is not the story of a quick DIY project, but it is our DIY and we love it

We used as many salvaged and vintage pieces as we could when we started building three years ago. The story of the building of the playhouse, can be found here.

Now, a year after the structure was complete, I have finally finished decorating it.

Come on in!

The first thing we did was paint out the whole space white, including the ceiling to make it brighter.

Now that so much time has gone by, when decorating, I tried to make it “teen friendly” as we will have a teen in just a few short months in this house. (Really?)

The orange life raft I found at Homegoods. I have never known Homegoods to have vintage items. If it is not original, it is one of the best reproductions I have ever seen. The ropes are even dirty and worn.

I hung the really soft blanket to grab when the temperatures get a little cooler. The sweet pig pillow I found at The Country Living Fair from Eric & Christopher.

The first thing that we brought in was the vintage lockers found at an estate sale last summer. Inside is all the pool chemicals, floats, goggles, etc. Did I mention that this playhouse is right next to our pool? It also serves as our “pool house”. The large "5" under the window was also found at The Country Living Fair.

I strung a set of outdoor lights around a limb found in the woods for a little extra light in the corner. The rug, curtains and wicker chairs are both from Ikea.

I was extra fancy when I hung the curtains and literally nailed them to the wall and used a large nail as a pull-back.

Above this space I hung another branch from the rafters with leather string and strung chandelier crystals from it. A rustic chandelier of sorts.

I guess I ended up with a vintage / graphic / nature type theme out here.

I bought this beautiful hand-painted feather rock at a farmer’s market this spring and thought it was perfect out here.

On the other side of the space, I brought in a small vintage table and two chairs, also from Ikea. It is perfect size for playing a game or having something to eat. My youngest has already had lunch out here with a friend.

The flooring is peel & stick "wood parquet" tiles found on clearance last year.

The mirror was my Dad’s, I just painted it black and added the vintage Putnam Dyes sign to it.

The other corner has my “old lady cart” filled with pool towels and some extra flip flops. When we have a bunch of people over, we just pull it out. It also sends my kids in here instead of into the kitchen when they forget their towel.

I also nailed some rope with some knots on the end to hang towels and a hanger to hold wet goggles.

There is a plain and ugly light fixture in the ceiling. I really didn’t want to spend any money on something else, so I wired on a chicken wire cloche – perfect!

I filled the walls with fun graphic and vintage items and added some accessories around the room. Now my girlies have a quiet spot to read and relax – and they so graciously let me take their picture to show you just that!

And there you have it – I hope it is a space they really use for years to come and we can make changes to as needed!

Thanks for reading!