Winter-Wedding-Shower-Flower-Centerpieces I have taken on my first, and likely only, stint as maid of honor. Actually, as my future brother-in-law has reminded me, matron of honor. And one of the most important responsibilities of the matron of honor is the wedding shower. This past weekend, I threw my sister a lovely winter bridal shower. As I have shared before, I entered back into the “fridge room” of a local florist and chose some blooms. The blooms are two different types of roses, but in my typical form, I have no idea what the green leafy type plants are. I just felt they were lovely and “icy” looking, perfect for a winter bridal shower. I arranged three larger white square planters and six smaller ones. Actually, my mother did quite a bit of it as well. Winter-Wedding-Bridal-Shower-Flower-Centerpieces The girls and I made clay ornaments for each of the guests as a favor. They were so simple. Sculpey clay cut with a dove shaped cookie cutter, hole cut with a straw, random snowflake pattern added with scrapbooking stamps and tied with a navy ribbon. I painted them with a sheer white paint from Martha Stewart that adds just a little bit of shimmer and sparkle. Clay-Christmas-Ornament-Wedding-Favor But all of those things really don’t matter. What really mattered was my sister. This was her chance to shine, and for once, be the one everyone fussed over. She so greatly deserves what ever fussing comes her way. Lisa-and-Doug And it was a chance for many of the ladies in her life to celebrate her and her upcoming marriage. This is a picture of my mom, myself, Peanut and Sunshine. Three-Generations We held the shower at a local restaurant and we had the whole place to ourselves. They did an amazing job and the food was incredible. They set up the tables in a “u”. Unfortunately, I only managed to get a picture of this side of the table. But, both sides were joyous, relaxed and celebratory. Lisas-Shower There were no “organized games” but there was no lack of laughter. There were no place cards but everyone found their place and milled about and visited with each other. We all celebrated and excitedly remarked that we were only a few short weeks from being back together again for the actual wedding. I only had a very short time to plan this shower. There are a few things I would have done differently if I had more time, but mostly, it was perfect. I think less time to plan was my strength. I really only had time to focus on who was there, enjoying ourselves and celebrating someone who truly deserves to be celebrated. My dearest sister, Lisa. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1