Do you Instagram?

I do and I love it!


Lots of reasons, like…

…I can quick share an estate sale find, or

iphone april 012

when my daughter falls asleep so beautifully during our Mom & Dad’s room sleepover – camera is nowhere to be found but my phone was already in my hand, or…

iphone april 019

to do sneak peeks of projects we are working on,or…

iphone april 022

to share little things, like my new turtle friend in the garden that I would not really write a whole post about (although he is cute enough for a full post!), or

iphone april 030

to capture the simple moments with my family when I am not necessarily bringing my camera but my phone is always with me, or

iphone april 040

to share fun little updates or additions in our home (the adorable moss frog was found at AC Moore, the cow is from Hobby Lobby), or

iphone april 045

to share the beauty that is around us (and you can add fun frames as well).

iphone april 056

Instagram (a free Ap for iPhones and I think now some other smart phones) allows you take pictures with your phone, crop it down to a simple square and add filters to enhance the images. You can also then share them directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Yes, you can just take a picture with your phone and link to those accounts, but the filters and cropping make it so much more fun. It is like Photoshop for your phone and you don’t have to learn all the technical stuff!

And Instagram is a community unto itself.

It gives you another looks into the lives of bloggers and friends. I love looking at the feed of those I follow.

I will admit, I didn’t get it at first, but my friend’s daughter gave me the gist and got me started and I really enjoy it now (Thanks Paige for teaching me and being my only follower for some time!).

So get on board, it is pretty simple, so fun and you will be amazed at how many more family moments you capture with Instagram.

If you would like to follow me, I can be found at lpatfindinghome.

Thanks for reading!

April 16, 2012 — Laura Putnam