I have been finishing up our basement for Christmas and I thought I would share our shelf vignette.

Christmas Shelf Vignette 001

The main focus point is our amazing N.H. Maple Syrup sign that my amazing Betty – Kathy, found for me a while back at the Brimfield antiques show. She called me from the show, told me what it was and what she had negotiated the price to. It was a very quick and enthusiastic yes!

My husband grew up on a dairy farm that makes maple syrup – in New Hampshire. We now make syrup in our neighborhood here in NY and it is one of the best times of the year for us - filled with lots of time with family and friends.

Christmas Shelf Vignette 005

I have a thing for old tool boxes and this weathered green one is one of my favorites. I filed in with a garland folded up to fit inside and then I added a few pinecones to fill it up.

Christmas Shelf Vignette 008

I made two stars from folding tape measures.

Christmas Shelf Vignette 011

I used an old wagon wheel, a vintage fishing net, and a old small ladder to layer the back.

Christmas Shelf Vignette 013

Finally I filled in the front with some more greenery, some vintage crystal door knobs, pine cones, another old folded tap measure, grapevine balls and some crystal snowflake stars.

Christmas Shelf Vignette 023

I really like the contrast of it being on the modern lines of bracket less shelf. Our basement has a definite more modern feel to it, but still has a vintage and rustic mix to it as well.

Christmas Shelf Vignette 041

I will share the rest of our Christmas basement soon.

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December 07, 2011 — Laura Putnam