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Today I am sharing how you can easily make your own custom Valentine’s Day wax seal.


As my girls have gotten older, I tend to less decorating for Valentine’s Day, but we do usually try to pull together a few Valentine’s Day crafts.

Last year we even had an epic fail.


So even though we are not decorating specifically for Valentine’s Day, we do have a few traditions that will never go away.

One of them is taking the time to let people you love know how you feel.


So why not seal those envelopes with a beautiful custom wax seal?

Some time ago at an auction, I purchased a box lot that included these fabulous wax seals and melting wax.


Since they weren’t very relevant to us or to Valentine’s day, I decided to use simple rubber stamps to make my own custom wax seal.

I did have some specialty wax, like the green one below. I also had some beautiful silver and gold wax – which instead of melting caught on fire. Good times.

The pink wax pictured above is actually a sealing wax.

I also realized that most people don’t have specialty wax and custom seals laying around the house. So I did this project using easily accessible household candlesticks and rubber stamps.


Here are the steps below on how I did this project:


Step 1: Select your candle and envelopes. I tested several types of candles and envelope colors. In the end, what I liked best was inexpensive white candles on darker envelopes. If you use a colored candle, make sure the color goes all the way through. Often the color is only on the outside and white on the inside.

Step 2: Light your candle and hold at an angle like pictured. You want to make sure the wax runs behind the flame so that it doesn’t blacken. Practice first on a piece of paper and obviously use caution. Drip the wax in your desired shape creating the outside lines first and then filling in.

Step 3: Let the wax set for a few seconds – till it just starts to loose its clearness. Again, testing this first will be helpful as the wax on all candles is different.

Step 4: Place your stamp into the wax and let it set up for a few seconds before removing it. Again, testing on paper will be helpful because the style of each stamp responds differently. If a stamp has very small details it will not work as well.


I think this is the perfect way to make a hand delivered Valentine even more special.

Update - Please note that I am suggesting this to be HAND delivered. This project was never intended to be used to send in the US mail. It is just a fun and cute craft but thank you for sharing all of your concerns.

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Valentine’s Day Wax Seal

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February 08, 2015 — Laura Putnam