Hello All!

I was away for the Holiday weekend and have been trying to get back into the groove.

Along with lots of shopping, we actually got our Christmas tree in Vermont this weekend.

We headed out with my husband’s family and went around tree to tree picking one out. Christmas Tree Cutting 017

Here are our girls in front of our chosen tree. I have found as the years go by, I am less and less obsessed with finding the “perfect” tree. I used to agonize over what was the right choice. Now, I am just happy to find a nice tree. Life is much easier this way. The best part, the girls had a blast picking one out with their cousins.

Christmas Tree Cutting 038

There was a moment when my nephew carried off their tree “crew team” style, but all I could think of was the he looked like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

Christmas Tree Cutting 054

Our good friends once taught us a key trick test. Use your car keys to hang on the branches – if they fall right off chances are they aren’t going to hold your ornaments very well.

Here is a hint if you are going to use that trick.

If your daughter holds on to the keys in her pocket to try on several trees, don’t let her go in the car with her Grandfather where there is no cell phone and then you have to wait the 45 minutes for someone to get home, get back in the car and come and pick up you, your husband and your brother-in-law.

Christmas Tree Cutting 065

After a few mild curse words we all relaxed and found great humor in all the tree farm visitors who seemed to be rubbing their keys right in our faces.

As I mentioned last week, our mantel is done, I am just working on few details around the room and hope to photograph in the next few days.

If you weren’t with me last year, here is our mantel from last Christmas.

hats and christmas mantel 046_300

This year I went a little more vintage and rustic, a bit of a departure from last year.

I hope you guys are all having fun getting your decorations started/finished/thought about – wherever you are at!

Thanks for reading!

November 30, 2011 — Laura Putnam