Okay, I am going to say it.

My husband is totally annoying.

He is so focused on his fitness goals, he eats all healthy and exercises every day.

Totally annoying.

Right now he is eating plain Greek yogurt and I am planning on getting up and eating leftover meatballs and probably sneak another snowball cookie.

cookies 004

Why are they still here? Haven’t I eaten enough of them already for them to be gone?

When I say he is exercising, I mean at the extreme level. Last fall he completed his first marathon.

Sale and marathon 177

He had a lot of problems with his ankle and knees while training. His doctor told him, get through it, but then take several months off.

So his replacement? P90X!

Yeah, I know, we have all watched the commercials. Of course these were all watched late at night when the best thing I could be doing for my health is get some SLEEP. I am absolutely horrific about watching stupid and ridiculous television, late at night, when I should be sleeping. Late night E is also the reason I know way too much about celebrity gossip and the Kardashian family. Yup, I am ashamed to admit it, but it is the truth.

Not to brag, but as annoying as he is, he also looks amazing. As I watch him eating his Greek yogurt, standing by the sink, his calves are pretty fabulous. I will be discreet and not tell you too much about the rest of his body, but lets just say, it works.

But for him, it is really not about how he looks. Most people wouldn’t even notice the dramatic changes.

For him, it is psychological, pushing himself REALLY hard and the satisfaction that comes with that.

He is also the type of person who needs the outlet of physical exercise. He is a bit like a caged animal when he doesn’t get it.


So is this post really just about telling you how annoying my husband is?

No, of course not. The truth is that he is inspiring. I have found him annoying because I am jealous. I have not been in the same frame of mind as him. I exercise regularly, but I have not pushed myself enough to get the results that I want.

I am very unlikely to do P90X, frankly, it scares the poop out of me.

But I do want to up my game, feel better about myself, and lets face it, have my pants feel a little more comfortable.

And the reality is, even if it is old fashioned, I would like to look better for him as well as myself. Well if that is putting myself out there, I don’t know what is.


So, as we all do, I am starting out the new year with fitness goals. But as well, I am going to work to eat better, set a better example for my kids and cook meals that are more in line with my husband’s goals.

But, I am not going to lie, right now, I am going to go eat some meatballs.

But maybe I will hold off on the cookies.

Update: Totally ate a cookie. I may need to throw them away!

Also, you should know, I checked for hubby’s okay before I told the world he was annoying! He gets my humor, hopefully you do too!

January 03, 2012 — Laura Putnam