So, I am still out of commission a bit with my eyes, making progress, but way slower than anyone expected. Such is life. Anyway, the biggest deal is I still can’t drive which is beginning to drive me absolutely batty. I am hoping by Friday I am well enough to drive to hit some yard sales! I need me some treasure hunting, STAT!

I did manage to take some photos of my last round of yard sales before my eye surgery however, and I thought I would share those with you today.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you would already know the dramas of the day I shot the photos. You will see an old door in some of the pictures. I have had the door, along with several others for some time and knew they would be perfect for the photos. However, they were under tarps on the side of the garage. Under tarps are nice and dark and with all the rain, it is also nice and damp. A perfect place for SNAKES! Yup, met two getting to this door. Almost completely bagged it and gave up, but I had a good sense of the direction they went, I tried to work around them.

I also managed to draw blood cutting some flowers. And after Tweeting how lovely it was in the spot I was shooting, the wind changed, and I began to be attacked by biting flies. Good times.

Anyway, to the sharing…

I bought these two enamelware oval tubs, and I love them! I have a fair amount of enamelware, but these are my first oval pieces. They wouldl be great filled with drinks and ice for outdoor parties. The bottles all came from the same place, and there a lot more. In hindsight, I probably overpaid for them, but I did get some really unique ones. I drove a really long way to get to this sale and I guess I didn’t want to go home empty handed. The ironstone pitcher was the one item I bought at another sale. She had an incredible collection of stuff, but crazy ridiculous prices that I didn’t even both making offers on because they were just so high. For some reason however, this pitcher was really low, so I went for it.

I had started the morning at a sale where I got most of my stuff and for great prices. The guy running it was so nice and super knowledgeable. I love meeting the people and personalities at yard sales almost as much as the treasure hunting. From him I bought a box of old hangers that I thought were so cool.

Check out some of the printing on these hangers. I love a piece with a story, with a history.

I also bought this perfectly chipped and perfectly colored stool. It is also really light which I love, I will not do a thing to this.

All of these treasures came from the same sale as well.

There is an old fan, a bright painted crate, an egg basket, a pretty blue painted trash can, a neat round frame, a small roulette wheel, a blue darning thingy (technical term you know), a mail scale, an old stapler, some linens (Kathy, the “R” one is for you!), some old quilting rings some of which are metal, and the big white crate on the table I found at a different yard sale. It has “books'” written in sharpie in the back, but that should be easy to take care of with some paint.

The lovely Nester is hosting a party today for your yard sale finds. Come check it out. I will also be sharing with some of the other parties in the “Parties I Attend” page above. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Take care,

June 15, 2011 — Laura Putnam