So, my baby is turning 10 this month. She still has her "baby room" so her present from Mom and Dad is to re-do her room in her own style. My goal is to guide her so that I am not redoing everything in a year or two, but mostly just have her decide the design plan. These are the paint samples she picked out the other day.
Giddy up...I better put my big girl pants on. And maybe some sunglasses!
The Planning Stages for M's Room

This is a painting that already hangs in her room.

(It is not doing it justice but this was the best that I could pull off under the lighting conditions. I am really hoping Santa is going to bring me an external flash that will give me a little more control.)

The Planning Stages for M's Room

Anyway, this painting is from by my cousin Greg Amend who is amazingly talented. We went to an art show he was showing at in Queens this spring and she bought this with her own money. Okay, we paid for half and Greg really gave us a good deal being family and all. But the important thing is she layed down a good amount of cash of her own money. She actually, at the age of 9, has her first piece of original art!

Stayed tuned for what is to come over the next few weeks.

Playhouse has to be "closed up for the winter" first. Then, the wallpaper stripping begins! I will try not to cry too hard when the baby birds come off the wall (sniff, sniff)!

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October 14, 2010 — Laura Putnam