A lesson learned from auctions. Get there in time to preview and make a list of the items you are willing to bid on and ONLY bid on those items!
So here are the items I had to go back and pick up. This is a great side table, with an unfortunately piece of veneer missing right smack dab in the front. I will just have to learn how to fix that. That's why we have the Internet right?

The Other Items I had to Pick Up...
Another great piece (the top mirror is in the chair below). However it is a weird surface, very shiny and there is a crack in the veneer. Again, I will have to learn how to fix that as well.
The Other Items I had to Pick Up...
Chair is FABULOUS! Will need to be painted and recovered but so comfortable and great lines.
The Other Items I had to Pick Up...Posted by Picasa
My sentimental purchase. Not sure yet how much work this is going to be or not but I am looking forward to figuring it out!
The Other Items I had to Pick Up...
So, I know, I need to get some projects going. Now that I am through my client presentation with only a few changes, I have Halloween and my oldest daughter is turning TEN, hard to believe, on Saturday. We will be hosting our first birthday sleepover. Wish me luck! Once I am on the other side of these joyous events I will be full blown into projects.
October 27, 2010 — Laura Putnam