IMG_9557_edited-1 Sometimes, when you are in a decorating rut, it can be hard to get out. And sometimes the perfect solution is to just just jump in on a Friday night and bring out several of your favorite vintage treasures and pull together a spring mantel. Vintage-Window-Spring-Mantel I think some of my past mantel decorating ideas, have been pretty, but let's call it as it is. Sometimes they were just too much. For the last year or so, I have found that I really enjoy keeping things a little bit simpler. Truth be told, my house was always wrecked when I decorated a mantel because I pretty much pulled out everything I had in the house. It is so much more enjoyable to have something done simply and without such a mess. Vintage-Spring-Mantel My "formula" is pretty simple. I start with one center item to build around. In this case, it is a vintage window, but I have used chalkboards, old barn doors and larger scale artwork. Then I group items together on each side. Vintage-Paintings-Spring-Mantel_edited-2 For this mantel, I kept the color palette pretty simple - white, blue, green, wood and a pop of galvanized (which balances with the blue). I balanced it out by putting wood items on both sides. The wood pieces on the right are a vintage spool and a large vintage masher. The ones on the left are vintage exercise pins. I have had the vintage paintings for years and they have been moved all around the house over the years. Spring-Mantel-Farmhouse-Style And of course, I keep one of my favorite candles on the mantel as well. Farmhouse-Vintage-Spring-Mantel The good news is that the mantel was just the start. I kept going and pulled together the rest of the family room and I will share the rest with you next week. Thanks so much for reading. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1