I already posted my Spring Mantel, and I even said I was going to just leave it alone. But of course, I didn’t, I tweaked it a little bit, took some better photos with better light, yaddy yaddy. Sometimes I just cant stop myself.

But mostly, I am reposting to let you know that I will be joining the party at Beth’s Stories of A to Z. She is hosting a Spring Mantel party, come on by and see all the great mantels.

So here she goes after a little zhushing (by the way, LOVE that word, but never knew how to spell it, only say it, stumbled on a blog by that name and went with it, I still think maybe there sSould be a “j” in the front…)


I moved the clock faces around a bit, added in the books, balanced things out just a little bit.


Instead of doing a wreath, I decided to place dried hydrangeas in a nesting basket.



Thanks so much for stopping by, and don’t forget to visit to the mantel party.

Have you zhushed today? Go forth and zhush!

Have a great day,

April 07, 2011 — Laura Putnam