As I have mentioned in the past, we have done some renovations around these here parts over the last year. (Yes, I am working on the before and after side of things!). We feel extremely fortunate to be able to do these type of things but are also tired. You see, the renovations are over, but the work continues. We didn’t create any “new” spaces other than finishing the basement and adding an unattached garage. So as a result, this whole process has been a continual series of moving things from one place to another. I think, well at least I hope, we are pretty close to the end of this. Add on top of that all of the things I have been bringing into the house over the last few months from yard sales and auctions, and this is what your new garage looks like.
garage clean up yard sale 024
The other part of this project was that we had some bird seed that got ripped open and became the ultimate buffet for some very tiny, but destructive mice. Remember when I was taking all of my Halloween stuff out and the mice were jumping out of the bins? You can read more about that here. So the first task was to clean up the upstairs where most of the damage had been done and get it back to a usable workshop for my husband. So much stuff was just dumped up here because there was never enough time to put it away correctly.
garage clean up yard sale 025
So after a FULL day of cleaning and organizing and re-distributing, both cars and the John Deere spent the night in the garage! Here is what it looks like now!
garage clean up yard sale 060
There is still a lot of stuff, but all of the wood working equipment is accessible, everything that can be “binned” is to keep any further mice from doing damage. Now all of my “projects” are out of the way, but accessible when I am ready to get going on them.
garage clean up yard sale 061garage clean up yard sale 063
garage clean up yard sale 064
Have a great day!
November 15, 2010 — Laura Putnam