Last year, I hit several great auctions during the winter and early spring.

This year, they have not been as good or I have been unable to attend the ones with good potential.

I was starting to get very frustrated.

Recently, I have had better luck though – with two estate sales run by the same company.

I thought I would share some of my finds today…

Some are to keep, some are for projects and some are in preparation to hopefully open at Etsy shop soon?

This first one is so fun – it is an old lock but it has a latch on it that would be great to hang things from.


I couldn’t scoop this embroidered clock up fast enough..still deciding if I am keeping or selling this one… IMG_9398

The details are unbelievable – I love all the different type of stitches, colors and thicknesses. I think with a fun color pop on the frame this could be fabulous! IMG_9400

A small ironstone sugar bowl went right on my shelf… IMG_9403

A large pile of freshly washed vintage hankies. These were quite the challenge to get out the musty smell but I finally won out.

Note, these are washed, not pressed.

I am working on some ideas of projects with these, we shall see… IMG_9408

I have looked for one of these for a while, a chicken feeder. Another lady had it in her hand for a long time, but she put it down and walked away.

Fair game in my book.


Oh, and some of the hankies have beautiful embroidered details.

Again, not yet pressed. IMG_9419

These were kind of thrown in with everything else, one is a wooden flat spoon and the other – I have no idea.

Hopefully some day I will have a “light bulb” moment and figure out what to do with it. IMG_9426

This is one of my favorites. I got all three buckets, but the front one still has its farm label.

Hubby really liked this one as well so this is a keeper. IMG_9431

This little pretty painting was in a really ugly and crazy heavy frame, I threw that away and now you can see how pretty the art really is and I love the colors. IMG_9446

Couldn’t pass this baby up – yup, the year I was born.

I’ll save you the math – I am 41.


This was too good of a deal to pass up. It is a pheasant transferware pattern.

It is incomplete, but I thought it would be fun to find other pieces to mix with it and use it for a Thanksgiving table. IMG_9461

It is already in my kitchen hutch with all of its new transferware friends.


And lastly, some uniquely shaped ironstone bowls.


I have gone to almost every estate sale this company runs.

I know if they are doing it chances are its going to be pretty good.

They told me they have another one coming up soon and I realized it was the weekend of Brimfield (anyone going?).

I tried to convince them it was a bad choices because so many collectors would be at Brimfield – most importantly me and I wouldn’t be able to come!

But then, they also realized it is Mother’s Day weekend as well.

Keeping my fingers crossed they have rescheduled it so I can go!

Have a great day!

May 01, 2012 — Laura Putnam