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show and tell

So, today is Show & Tell Friday – yup, getting a little fancy with the graphic.

But today instead of telling, I am going to ask.

Ask for some advice.

I figure there are an awful lot of you out there who are parents and maybe have experienced the same frustration I am facing and can offer some advice?

My two daughters are ages 9 and 11.

The nine year is studying the piano and the 11 year old is studying the guitar.

It is a battle every single time to get them to practice, if they even do it. Once they start, they truly seem to love it and I know they love their lessons with their incredibly awesome teacher.

But I feel like I am beating my head against a wall for them to put the work in needed for them to keep advancing and sometimes, I want to just let it go. Even their teacher is frustrated.

Then, I hear them play and it is so beautiful and they really seem to love it and I feel like it owe it to them for them to have the ability to learn. If I had the ability to create music, to get some of the “junk” out my head and soul through music, I feel that would be such a gift.

So, do your children take lessons willingly and if so how do you do it?

Did you take lessons as a child, hated it and are resentful for it?

Did you take lessons as a child, hated it then, but are so glad you have it now?

Okay, enough about me – now, let’s do some sharing!

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Wishing each of you a really great weekend and thanks so much for reading!

March 09, 2012 — Laura Putnam