So I brought out all the Halloween bins last weekend and realized that I had a whole lot of orange and a house that it now soft blues, greens and browns. What's a girl to do? Break out a whole lot of spray paint of course. This is where I started... Actually, back up... ...this is after we dumped everything out on the lawn so all the mice could run away after much screaming on my part. I really wish I would have been in the right mind to take a picture then. It literally looked like Halloween had thrown up all over my yard and driveway. I had to take all of the bins that we had brought into the house and bring them back out to dump them out as well. Fun, fun, fun! Unfortunately, there was a particular grapevine wreath that I left hanging in the mudroom. I believe he was the nest of the other problem... The next day my youngest daughter came and told me to come and get a paper towel because there was a really big spider. I nonchalantly got a paper towel, no big deal right? It took a minute or two to find it because the spider had moved, I almost walked away! Then she found it, holy #$%$%$%%, excuse my french! I must admit, my husband was out of town, and I am really not a big wimp and I am always aware of trying to set the right example for my girls, but my big girl pants were dirty after the mouse incident. I actually had to call my neighbor across the street! I am not sure what he was expecting, but it did make me feel better when he looked at it and said "Oh... I have never seen something like that in someone's house before"!

Anyway, I digress... here is one of the sparkly pumpkins with tape on the stem. In the end, I ended up lighting spraying the stems and leaves on the black ones anyway. I actually like the way the sparkly stayed a little and there is a little hint of orange under each of them even after painting.

Here is a white one being worked on. Here is the whole group completed. Look for my next post to see how I used them for my Halloween decorating!
October 01, 2010 — Laura Putnam