DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts cover I am not sure I have ever posted on a Sunday. If I have, it was a really long time ago. So, there must be a really good reason why I am posting today.... The day has come when I can share all of the details of my book! Did you guess? Are you surprised even a little bit that I would write a book about galvanized metal? The title is DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts. Just like the title says, it is 35 projects for creating unique decor for your home using galvanized metal. The projects are a blend of projects that would only take minutes to projects like a wood and galvanized bar (which I think is one of my favorite projects and still sits in my living room!). Bar 1 The best part of this project is that there are no metal cuts and if you have the wood cut in a hardware store, you would be done in a very short period of time. And, if you don't want to use it as a bar, it also works great as a bookshelf or a display cabinet. You can pre-order the book now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble so that soon as it launches on November 2nd, it can be sent to you. You can also find more details by going to the book page I have just created. I am also posting today because I want to thank you. This opportunity would have never come about if wasn't for all of you showing up here and giving me the chance to share my ideas and my odd love of all things galvanized. I feel very excited to be able to share all of this with you now, even if it is just for the pre-order. Thank you! Watch for more details to be shared soon. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1