Throughout my life in this house (13 years) I have tried to grow lavender in several places.

First, I grew it in the front yard, but then when I cut it, the front looked bare and lonely.

Two years ago, we gave up a section of our garden that was for vine plants and turned it into a flower garden.

Right place, but I missed the timing of cutting the lavender before it dried out too much.

Drying Lavender

But this year, I managed to get the timing right. I went out with my basket, cut the lavender and brought it inside in a basket. I tied it in bunches with twine and hung it from a ladder in the dining room for about two weeks.

This time. I got it right.

And it smells amazing.

Drying Lavender in Bunches

All this had me thinking about life.

How so much is about where you are and when you are there.

And sometimes, it takes a few tries to get it right.

Sometimes you have to just go on Faith and keep trying.

Sometimes you have to realize that just because it doesn’t work at first, doesn’t mean it won’t work the next time.

Or the time after that.

And just because it does work this time, it may not work next time.

But either way, you just gotta keep trying!

Whether it is bringing lavender in to dry or anything you are facing in your life.

You just have to keep trying.

And if I don’t say it enough, I so appreciate every single one of you who visit here. It is a pleasure to share our projects, thoughts and journey with you.

Thank you.

Wishing you a great day and thank you so much for reading.


August 09, 2013 — Laura Putnam