“Let Your Light Shine” Chalkboard

I updated our kitchen chalkboard for spring. 

shine chalkboard 006

 But also, because my daughter, Blondie, has a once in a lifetime experience going on right now.  As a fifth grader, she is participating in the High School play.  They are doing “The Wiz”, and she is a Munchkin.  This is a very new experience for her, so I am always trying to remind her to “Let Your Light Shine”.

 I used chalk ink markers and blended the colors while they were still wet.  If you would like to see more about how I made this chalkboard, you can go here.

 I have used this saying before in our home.

basement and nativity 024

This maple bucket is in our basement.  I figure, you can never remind your children too many times how amazing they are.

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