I really liked how Heather from At the Picket Fence said recently there really is no other way to say: “I was featured in a magazine” other than to say: “I was featured in a magazine”.

Finding Home in Country Woman

So guess what friends?

Our home is being featured in a magazine.

More specifically the December / January issue of Country Woman.

You can see the online article here.

Country Woman Magazine Feature

They contacted me a while back asking if they could use some photos from my Christmas tour last year (note to self and to all others – always, always always use a tripod if you want to be published – I did not with these and wish I had!).

Then they contacted me a few months later letting me know the information about the writer. Um, writer? What do you need that for?

I had no idea they had a larger article in mind.

Country Woman Magazine - Christmas Kitchen

And to make even more delightful, I can say I got to “hang out” with Mary Engelbreit – doesn’t get much better than that ( she is in this issue as well).

Finding Home in Country Woman Magazine

Actually, it is especially fun because this is a magazine I have always read at my mother-in-laws over the years because she truly is a Country Woman, in every positive sense of the word.

She was the first call I made when it was confirmed.

I wanted to end with a thank you to all the lovely people I was able to work with at Country Woman – they truly were a pleasure and delight.

I am humbly appreciative and thankful that you wanted to include our home in your Christmas issue.

It is kind of a weird feeling when something you really did hope for comes true, it is surreal and I guess I am still trying to wrap my head around it.

Thanks for reading!

November 07, 2012 — Laura Putnam