Galvanized-Toolbox-in-the-Kitchen It is no secret that I have a deep love for all things galvanized. I am always on the hunt for new and interesting items. And by new, I mean sometimes new and often vintage. So today, I thought I would share all of my tips and tricks for how to shop for galvanized accessories. There is no better way to start than with my latest find - and I love her deeply. Kitchen-Decorating-Galvanized This lovely little beauty was found on Etsy a few weeks ago. The best part was I have been so busy I forgot that I ordered it and it was like a surprise present for myself when it arrived. When I shop on Etsy, I simply put in the search term "galvanized" or "zinc". In the left column, there is an option to refine your search. You just click to only show vintage. Now, sometimes, "vintage inspired" shows up, but you pretty quickly can sort through them. When in doubt, just drop a note to the seller for some clarity. Often vintage items on Etsy are priced only for drunken sailors to buy them. After a bit of digging, you find items that are reasonably priced and have unique items. Once you find an item you like, I usually shop that person's store. If they have one reasonably priced item, they may well have another. Also, you may find vintage items that aren't galvanized that you like as well and you can save on combined shipping. The good news is that when I found the toolbox above, she had a little sister in the shop as well. Decorating-with-Galvanized-Toolboxes Completely unrelated to shopping for galvanized, here is a little sneak peek of a candle line we will be carrying in our shop this spring - they are so cute and smell amazing! How-to-Decorate-in-the-Kitchen And speaking of unrelated information, I had to share these roses. They are starting to be past their prime, but they have faded into the lovelies vintage pink that is just so beautiful. Roses-in-the-Kitchen Ebay is always an option for finding vintage galvanized elements as well. I have found bulk purchases there (coming soon to the shop!) that have been interesting but I am less likely to order single pieces. The search function doesn't work quite the same way as Etsy, so I search under "vintage galvanized" or "vintage zinc". I am too impatient to deal with the bidding process, but it seems that more and more sellers have the "buy it now" option. HowtoShopforVintageGalvanizedAcessories_thumb.jpg DIY is always an option - and one of my favorites. Dana and I created this memo board for our kitchen that used a vintage window and a new piece of galvanized sheet metal. VintageWindowGalvanizedMemoBoard_thumb.jpg We found this galvanized milk crate at a yard sale and turned into a vintage galvanized milking stool. GalvanizedStoolDIY_thumb.jpg DIY can be as easy as adding a top to a galvanized bin to make a galvanized side table. DIYGalvanizedSideTableFH_thumb.jpg If you are feeling really ambitious, you can make this DIY galvanized wreath. This large barrel brings me to my other favorite place to shop for galvanized accessories. Yard sales, estate sales and vintage shops are always a resource for me. I don't always know where an item will go, but when I find a unique piece that is reasonably priced, I bring it home. This is a picture of the treasured I brought home from Brimfield last fall. The panels are still on a planned project, but I haven't yet found a spot of the big tray on the rock wall. When I do finally figure it out, I know I will love it. BrimfieldTreasures_thumb.jpg Another favorite place to find galvanized accessories is the hardware store. I made these galvanized succulent planters from stove end caps from the hardware store. SucculentIndoorPlantscopy_thumb.jpg And of course, there is always new. So many of the stores are carrying galvanized items now, especially Target and Crate and Barrel. I also find that searching online for these stores often shows selections that are not available in-store and only online. Decorating-with-Galvanized-Letters One thing I am trying recently but hasn't panned out yet, is setting up alert notifications on Craig's List for anything be under the decryption of galvanized and zinc. So far, that has mostly resulted in a lot of boats for sale, but each time I open the email and hopeful it is "the one". I will certainly let you know if it ever is! Happy galvanized hunting my friend, and thanks for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1]>>
March 06, 2015 — Laura Putnam