We are back today, rockin’ the holidays again with simply and easy ideas.

And today, we are all about handmade gifts and I would like to share a super easy way to make DIY soy candles.

And it really is super easy.


-Bag of soy candle wax (comes in flakes). I found mine at Hobby Lobby, but other stores carry it. It can also be found on line (Etsy is a good option). I purchased a two pound bag.

- Candle Fragrance – same as above, I found mine at Hobby Lobby, but they can be found online. I chose lavender, but whatever your personal scent choice is works.

- Wicks – Again, from HL. I choose pre-cut ones covered in wax with a metal base. The benefit of this type is the stand up without having to be secured.

- A heat safe containers. I used small mason jars.

- A heat safe container to melt the wax in and oven gloves.

- Cupcake liners and decorative trim.


1. Measure out your wax into the heat safe container. I started with 1 cup of flakes.

2. Melt in the microwave. My microwave is pretty wimpy, so I melted it on high for about 2.5 minutes and that worked perfectly. Test it out and keep an eye on it.

3. Add about 10 drops (or more, depends on the level of fragrance you want) of fragrance oil to your melted wax.

4. Add a small amount of wax to the bottom of your container and place the wick in place.

5. Leave it alone until the wax sets up and holds the wick in place – anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

6. Fill the container the rest of the way.

7. Leave it for a few hours. Once completely set, trim the wick down to size.

Place the circle lid on top of the candle, and it the spirit of keeping it simple, place a cupcake liner on the top and screw on the cap. Add trim and decorative elements and tags as desired. I chose to use a some baker’s twine, green ribbon, dried lavender and rosemary sprigs.

It is a really easy process to set up and do several at once and cross some gifts off of your lists. And to cross more ideas off of your lists, visit these lovely ideas…

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day.