Are you familiar with this sweet face?


Yes, this is Serena of The Farm Chicks!.

She is the extraordinarily successful woman behind The Farm Chicks. She is a Mom, an author , the hostess behind the amazing Antiques Shows (oh how I wish they were not on the complete opposite side of the country!), she has an online product offering , and now has a whole new venture to share with us.

My favorite find


When she put out an “all call” to submit interview questions, I jumped at the chance. Nothing makes me happier or gets me more excited than a vintage treasure found and shared – this will be my new favorite place to hang out.

So, here is my “interview” with the lovely Serena.

What are you most hoping to achieve with "My Favorite Find "?

My goal is to bring everyone who loves beautiful things together in one place. To seek, find, and share!

What was your inspiration to start "My Favorite Find "

It all started when I began to take notice of all of the mail I was receiving from around the world - readers wanting to know how they could promote their own events that were similar to mine or shoppes, or from readers wanting to know where they could find the same events and shoppes. I couldn't believe there was no place to bring the two together, so I decided to create it myself and that's just what I did. My Favorite Find is like a virtual show-and-tell. You can search for and share great shoppes or events like antiques shows, occasional sales, auctions, yard sales and more, anywhere in the world, and then show-and-tell your finds.

Of course, I have to ask, what is your favorite find?

My best all-time story is a shirt that I bought at a yard sale for .10 cents and sold for $860. (Serena shares more about this fun story here .)

serenaheartYou have so many parts to your business: author, shows, web sales, blog, and now "My Favorite Find" - what do you enjoy most?

I really couldn't choose. It'd be like me choosing a favorite child. I really love everything I do, and if I didn't I'd stop doing it.

What do you think makes these seasonal shows/sales successful?

I think there's a real movement in the world of antiques and vintage. We all love to be unique and these shows and sales allow us to find special things that speak to us. And, it's incredibly fun in the process. The hardest part is getting the word out about your event and that's why I really look at My Favorite Find as a new frontier. It will bring that much needed exposure to those who need it. It doesn't get much better than that!

What advice would you give to someone like myself who is trying to get a similar type sale started?

Create an event looking at it from the perspective of you as the shopper. What would you love? What would be really wonderful? If you can put your self in that position, your event will be really well thought out and ultimately something that resonates with those who attend.

You website and branding images are so beautiful, do you do the design work yourself?

Thank you. That means a lot for me to hear. I work with a graphic designer who I can give my vision to and he brings it to life.

Thank you again so much for this opportunity and I am so looking forward to seeing what is to come with "My Favorite Find"!

Thank you, Laura. I can't wait for you to join in the site - it will be perfect for you and your event!!!

I too am excited to join the site!

And the good news is, the site launches of Monday, March 19th – so go, join, share and find!

You can also follow the My Favorite Find Facebook page.

Thank you Serena!

March 18, 2012 — Laura Putnam