This was a jam packed weekend.

My Home & Harvest sale was Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Saturday also included two soccer games.

And our 17th wedding anniversary (we are totally taking a Mulligan on that one and will spend some one on one time soon).

As soon as soccer was over, we got in the car and headed to Scranton, PA to register my husband for the Steamtown Marathon.

His first.

We stayed over at my Mom’s and headed out before dawn this morning.

As I knew I would be, I was extremely emotional

Nothing brings me to tears quicker than seeing people accomplish their goals, even when I don’t even know them.

Being around the energy of all these people at the starting line was incredible, being part of the start of their dream, even just that little bit.

I love this man so much and he worked so hard for this moment.

This marathon is started with a boom, literally a cannon boom.

We trekked through the countryside to the viewing points and held up our signs with pride (thank you to my sister who was my trusted co-pilot and kept me calm.)

Peanut came up with this on her own:

“Don’t take the hard pace, take your pace.”

She kinda blew me away with that one.

And it is so true, not just in running.

We had the “Go Daddy” signs, of course.

She made a version of this last week for him.

It is a quote she looked for on the internet.

That one choked me up pretty hard.

So insightful for such young ladies.

Seeing him look so happy, his injuries not plaguing him, I could barely speak.

But no worries, I broke out my “Jersey” and yelled so that he had no problem finding us!

Waiting for Dad and encouraging everyone else along the way.

He did it!

And his time far exceeded his expectations.

And he is so proud.

And so many people came to support him and we are so appreciative.

And his daughters saw that hard work leads to meeting your goals.

This picture moves me so much. I see so much of him in her here and it warms my heart.

And we all got to be part of such an incredibly positive day and event with such a community spirit.

A day we will never forget.

Happy Anniversary Dana, I love you.

Thanks for reading.

October 10, 2011 — Laura Putnam