Christmas-Jingle-Bells This picture didn’t make into our Christmas Home Tour this week, but I couldn’t resist sharing it today. These are vintage and still on the packaging card. But how cute is it that they are called “Tingle Bells”. Can you just imagine the song being changed, “tingle bells, tingle bells, tingle all the way”. Oh, how I entertain myself. Why didn’t I do more of my holiday shopping last month. The three weeks away number is freaking me out this year. I must get to it this weekend. How about you, where are you on your shopping? Reindeer-Pillow Oh, and you have been waiting for our two styles of pillows to come into the shop, they are in! RedNoseReindeerCloseUp2_thumb.jpg We are hoping to head out today (if rain doesn’t stop us) to get our “real” tree that we decorate as a family. I have a whole pile of boxes of ornaments in our bedroom just waiting for their intended destination. Here are some of the fun and interesting things I found on the web this week… There is nothing I love more than a really clever project that doesn’t take a ton of time – and this wreath fits the bill. I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but this Thanksgiving I discovered for the first time how amazing homemade cranberry sauce is and how easy it is to make. Last night, my family was served turkey pot pie, stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce – in the middle of the week! In the next few days, this recipe will be used for dinner. If I am really feeling bold, I might try my sister-in-laws recipe for an amazing cranberry pie (which I forgot to get from her before I left New Hampshire). I usually use store bought pie crust, but if I try my own, I am so using these tips. I love this idea for celebrating Advent – and it is so pretty too! I love the hearts of these ladies. I don’t know about you, but I wish I could come up with ideas and recipes like Michael. His group of holiday entertaining touches are perfection. Wait until you see what he did with chalkboard tape. Yes, chalkboard TAPE! And get ready for your mind to be blown because I saw dry erase tape in the craft store the other day as well. And if you are looking for a recipe that will knock the socks of your guests – and has the best ingredient in the world in it – BACON – check out this recipe for maple bacon cheese cups. Finally, if you are planning on buying some maple syrup or home decor items from our shop, we are closing December 15th so make sure to get your orders in! Thanks so much for reading!
December 06, 2014 — Laura Putnam