I must admit reading blogs lately has been stressing me out.

Everyone it seems is already going back to school and it makes me feel like I am behind.

And then I take a breath and realize that we still have a month left and we are really only half way through.

We haven’t even taken our family vacation yet, whew!

Anyone else feeling that way?

So there haven't been any projects lately (except for an interaction this morning with a sewing machine. More on that later. Let's just say I am glad Sunshine took home ec. this year.)

So this past weekend we snuck away for some fun – the first part being about spending time with family and making that a priority.

We headed to NH to be with my husband’s family and our first stop was a local lake.

Peanut was pretty much in it all day and had no issues with getting dirty. I love that about her.


For a girl who sometimes struggles with fear I am so thankful for the days where she is so independent in her element.


All the while, Sunshine was feeling a little caught in the middle of the age groups of cousins and was pretty attached to my hip – and I was so thankful for that as well.


We were pretty excited when it was our turn to head out into the water and we were so lucky to see a bald eagle soaring overhead.

While we were out there she said "if I were out here by myself, I would just float".

And so we just floated.

And we giggled too.

And then my arms were soar when we came in against the current.


Hubby got to celebrate his birthday with his family and we were able to get some unprecedented time outdoors before being attacked by NH mosquitos.

They breed them nasty up there.


Heck we even managed to grill a few smores before the attacks ensued!


But the real reason we were there was to celebrate 50 years of marriage for my in-laws.

I pray to be so lucky and more.

anniversary collage

And so stories of the simple wedding day were shared. (I am thinking maybe we should go back to the simplicty of a wedding tea? Think of the money to be saved? I know, what would a wedding be if we didn't do the Electric Slide? I kid, I kid.)


Across a very full table that spanned two rooms of their beautiful old farmhouse.


And then the power went out and a hot house got even hotter.

So then we were thankful for a front porch to gather around instead.


All the while I roamed around snapping a picture here and there of their beautiful home.


The only place they have ever lived in their 50 year marriage and where my husband grew up and where I have been welcomed for a long time now as well.


Things are not perfect here, they aren't anywhere. But I am so thankful for my kids to see and experience this life.

If you want blueberries, then they must be picked.


And that birthdays are about sharing them with your cousins and simple cupcakes sometimes.

Yeah, this girl loves her ladybugs.


And this family has a LOT of birthdays in the first week of August. You know I have to do this: 1st: Brother-in-law, 2nd: daughter and sister-in-law, 3rd: Step-Dad, 4th: Hubby, 7th: sister, 12th: Father-in-law.

And so we did take some time to pre-celebrate Grampy's birthday as well.


And then there was a little extra surprise - the older cousins had brought all the supplies for the girls to make tie-dye shirts (fun right?) and they all worked together and made one for Grammy and Grampy too.

The best part was that they put them on also - such good sports!


Did you make to the end? I know, I'm sorry lots of family pics - but there were some great farmhouse pictures thrown in there too!

It's all part of this journey thing you know, this Finding Home I am always trying to achieve.

Celebrating family milestones and traditions is a big part of that.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Take care,