Sometimes life gets really busy – and we have deadlines that are important, and some that are self imposed important.

And so we (okay, I) get hectic and cranky and stay up too late getting things done (time I am starting this post – 11:29 pm)

Well, that has been me the last few weeks working on a bunch of stuff.

And of course, I had a bunch of files to upload tonight – so that I could check a big one off the list – and it wouldn’t work.

So Hubby and I fiddle and wondered – and came up with nothing. And so I called my best friends – tech support.

We spend a lot of time together.

Turns out – nothing can be done – there is still so much damaged equipment from the storms, the “upload” equipment is not working and they have no idea when it will.

And I didn’t get upset or frustrated – I just thought, “well at least we have internet.”

And so, tomorrow morning my girls and I will go get breakfast at Panera and hope that their internet is working.

(update - it uploaded this morning! yeah!)

And I have to say, it felt really good to not get all worked up about it.

I guess that is what we get from perspective.

So, we this being the week of Thanksgiving, I thought I would share just a few of things I am thankful for through the eyes of my iphone the last few weeks.

1. Perspective. We could always use more and I am thankful for each dose I get.

2. I am thankful that I faced my fear and drove by myself into the city to have dinner with this amazing lady and her sweet and handsome husband.

iphone November 007

3. I am so blessed to have met Erin of Eve’s Wish Photography and to call her a friend. This week she came and photographed our Christmas decor. She is so crazy talented.

iphone November 029

4. I am thankful for the sweet valley that we live in and that sometimes it can show the most beautiful glory even when I am simply picking my daughter up from school.

iphone November 033

5. I am thankful that I will always appreciate my own sense of humor even if no one else does. This sign absolutely cracked me up. Still does.

iphone November 051

6. I am thankful that dear friends invited us to tailgate at the school we both graduated from. I had never tailgated before so I felt it was necessary to get the mascot picture. And we are back at my sense of humor.

iphone November 059

7. I am truly thankful for my husband. I am not going to get all mushy here – but I think it deserves to be said.

iphone November 063

8. I am thankful to have been able to bring my girls here as a family – and it was their first football game!

iphone November 069

9. I am thankful to be able to reflect back on the place where I met my husband and the dearest friends I could ask for.

iphone November 085

10. I am thankful that my kids get to form new relationships and friendships with all of their kids (a few missing from the photo!).

iphone November 095

11. I am thankful that my friends all really work hard to make spending time together a priority even though we are far apart.

iphone November 093

12. I am thankful for this picture because it is just too cute. It was a very big soft bear with a very kind face.

iphone November 128

13. And for so many reasons, I am so excited that this girl’s hopes came true and she got a main part in her school play. For this girl, it really is a big deal. I am just so thankful. (More on this soon – maybe?)

iphone November 132

14. I am thankful for the opportunity to write this blog and interact with all of you. It has been a blessing beyond measure.

But really I am just thankful.

For everything.

Sometimes I struggle with understanding the inequity in the world and how I got so lucky to have so much.

I realize I will never understand and I just try to rest in relying on His plan.

So with that, I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.

And to those readers in other countries – I wish you a relaxed and enjoyable few days.

P.S. The letter today from The Greatest Gift Project is pretty amazing - stop by and learn about a whole new and amazing side of Jennifer Rizzo.

November 21, 2012 — Laura Putnam