My last post was about not meeting my goals.

But, there is one major goal I have met, at least partially.

I have always, like most of us, wanted to be published.

And I have met my first step and I am so honored and blown away by it.


A while back I was contacted by Better Homes & Garden to put my Christmas Mantel on their website.


Um, Yes please!

Thanks to Layla at The Lettered Cottage for hosting the mantel party where they found me.

I initially shared this with you in March.

After the initial correspondence, they asked if there was anything else I would like to share.

Well, you can’t pass up something like that!

As a result, they have also included my Halloween Mantel

Fullscreen capture 10132011 94720 AM

And my Fall /Thanksgiving Mantel


When I got the first email, it really blew me away, and yup, I cried.

Little ol’ me on

Follow the links and you will find a whole bunch of great Holiday and mantel ideas from a ton of talented people. Such great company to be included with!

Thanks for reading!

October 13, 2011 — Laura Putnam