Lately, I have been sharing a whole lot of decorating ideas and projects and the like. That is all good and fun, but today, I think I feel like being a bit random and fun, so here are 10 things I am finding… blue flower One - I was driving in the car yesterday with my youngest and she said: “Mom, I think I am falling in love with characters in Farmer Boy.” (She is reading The Little House on the Prairie series). Wow, could that be any more perfect. I told her if I ever wrote a novel that is exactly what I would want someone to say about my book. Then she said: “And it also makes me crave pie. I love pie.” Love that girl. And she really does love pie. She also has a reading plan. She wants to finish The Little House series, then read The Secret Garden and then Little Women – in that order. Oh, to be 10 has lots of challenges, but those are the type of plans I need to start implementing in my life. Peanut Sugaring blue flowerTwo - I am beginning to wonder if I will ever be able to keep my bedroom clean. Growing up, I was always punished for my bedroom being messy and if my Mom came by tonight, she would probably take away my iPhone. I can keep the rest of the house in “working order”, but really can not get my act together in my bedroom. It is also the one room I just can’t seem to happy with the decorating. I am working on a plan, but mostly it involves ridiculous piles of stuff lying around waiting to be figured out. Master Bedroom Shelf blue flowerThree - Today, I did a presentation at our church’s parenting group meeting. I use the term “presentation” quite loosely. Mostly, I tried to hold the attention of a group of moms who were keeping one eye on their child and hear me over many children running amok. I hope I shared some information that was helpful and didn’t waste their time. This group started right about when my oldest daughter was born and was my saving grace – Wednesday mornings could not come fast enough. To this day I am still have a special bond with those women and my children are still friends with those babies. Well today, I felt like an alien! I am so out of touch with the world of beautiful little toddlers and preschoolers. I set my coffee down and quickly realized, thank goodness, that that was just asking for an accident. I wasn’t even programmed to look down as I walked across the room anymore so as to not knock any sweet little ones over ( I didn’t by the way, in case you were wondering ;) ). How is that it wasn’t just yesterday that I was one of those moms? And how is that we so quickly get out of that mode? When I told my sister about the presentation she reminded me about the woman who spoke when I used to attend. She explained that it was our job to make sure that we never had any dishes in the sink – at any time – just in case someone ever came to the door. I was traumatized by that at the time – but when I recounted the memory to my husband, his response was “well, I guess you didn’t listen to her very well”. Funny man. No picture here, I didn’t want the moms to think I was the crazy stalker lady if I started taking pictures of their kids. I saved the crazy lady part for later when I kept taking pictures of cheese at the deli with my phone. blue flowerFour - I have fallen in love with Etsy once again. Really, I love Etsy. I actually ordered a bunch of stuff recently for an upcoming project that I am super excited about. But the best part is the new app for Etsy is amazing – it makes searching for things so easy and fast! You should definitely try it! I hesitated, and this beauty sold. I won’t even tell how cheap it was! But the vendor has some other fun vintage items if you want to stop by. The spot on the wall of the office is weeping right now. Vintage Brass Accordion Scissor Wall Lamp - Industrial Steampunk blue flowerFive - I am trying to get back into a more regular routine of working out. I have decided it would be so much easier for everyone if it just didn’t hurt so much. No picture here either, there is nothing picture worthy about me working out. blue flowerSix - I think that the grass is always greener at another hair length. I was feeling like I liked the pictures of my hair shorter better – so yesterday, I cut about three inches. Well not me, but you know what I mean. Now, I look at pictures with my hair longer and I like that better. The good part is my sister says I’m being ridiculous because you can’t even tell the difference. Here is a picture with the longer hair. IMG_762 blue flowerSeven - I am so loving that my 12 year old is being super affectionate right now. I am treasuring every minute because I know the teen years are just months away and I am really hoping that we are laying the groundwork for some success down the road – but I am also being realistic that there will be challenging times as well. We just finished up with her sister’s school play and now hers is just a few weeks away. She is in the chorus but she is super excited because she just found out she has a line and has a song where she gets to “swing her swooshy skirt”. These are important things to a 12 year old. Come to think of it – I might enjoy being able to “swing a swooshy skirt” at least once. Sunshine in the Snow blue flowerEight - While helping out last week at my daughter’s play, I discovered a hidden talent. I was the official mustache and beard artist. Why do I always think there is an "o" in mustache? beard collage blue flowerNine - I always assumed by the time I was in my forties I would have “me” figured out a whole lot more than I do. But I don’t. And I am working on being okay with that. Be in the meantime, I love this reminder.. etsy be awesome And yes, this too can be found on Etsy! blue flowerTen No words needed. Just dreams...

Koh Lipe, Thailand


Oh, and a P.S. – after always centering my post, I think I am heading “to the left, to the left” – come on sing it! I guess my way just isn't proper. I am not sure if I can stick with it, but I am trying it out! Wishing you a day filled with being awesome! postsignature.png
February 21, 2013 — Laura Putnam