Farmhouse-Family-Room Do you ever find that decorating and your personal clothing style start to seem alike. I stopped myself today in a store from buying shirt that was the same pattern as the runner on my coffee table. I thought that might be going a little too far. The truth is though that they didn't have my size and I probably would have bought it if they did. I just love that pattern so much. Farmhouse-Family-Room-Decorating I swear if I could find a way to wear galvanized metal I probably would. But putting aside weird plaid tendencies and metal wearing, I am finding some major similarities with how I dress myself and how I dress my home. I stick with the basics season after season, like my favorite jeans. I tend to shop for fun tops and get distracted with trends, but make my way back to comfortable fitted v-necks and denim shirts. In my home, I have the same sofa and chair, but I change out the pillows. I love to go a little fun sometimes, but always make my way back to traditional patterns. Farmhouse-Family-Room-Decorating-Ideas Shoes are like rugs. I tend to run them into the ground. In the case of our family room, our rug is shot as a result of sun fading and puppy chewing. I am holding off until I am absolutely sure sweet Hannah is read for the responsibility of a new rug. I keep my shoes out of her reach at all times. Summer-Farmhouse-Mantel-Decorating More than anything, I want our home to be comfortable and welcoming. That is also how I want to put myself out into the world. I want to be welcoming in my heart and how I interact with people. Summer-Galvanized-Mantel-Display Just don't judge me if I match my curtains one day. Thanks so much for reading. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
August 12, 2015 — Laura Putnam