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This is our entry…

Christmas in the Kitchen 249

I have placed our Nativity here for the first time and I quite like it there.

It is our tradition to not put out Jesus until we return from Christmas Eve mass. Our kids love running home and putting him in his place.

Christmas in the Kitchen 236

Today, we have a guest appearance from Bailey Rose. She quite insisted on posing in some of the shots.

Our entry is right next to our living room where our tree is.

Christmas in the Living Room 004

We had to do some rearranging to get the tree in.

It is not as pretty of a layout, but it makes it such that we can all sit and enjoy the tree.

This is especially important for Christmas morning.

Christmas in the Living Room 014

We knew when we added the bookcases in here, it would adjust the tree placement, but I love it in here just the same.

Christmas in the Living Room 023

My girls may be a little big for this, but I did ask them to sit by the tree for me.

Christmas Tree - Piano Playing 012

And here it is all lit up at night.

Christmas Tree - Piano Playing 019

Next, is our dining room. You can see more of our dining room here.

Christmas Table Dining - Vintage Ornaments 001

Christmas Table Dining - Vintage Ornaments 023

Christmas Table Dining - Vintage Ornaments 065

That brings us to our family room…

Christmas in the Kitchen 006

This is where we spend a lot of our time.

Christmas Mantel 2011 012

I found these little houses last year at TJ Maxx. The metal “trees” are bed springs found at the property of Grandfather. You can read more about that here.

Christmas Mantel 2011 079

I added some comfortable and colorful pillows to the sofas and chair.

Christmas Mantel 2011 106

Christmas Mantel 2011 117

You can read more about our mantel here.

Christmas Mantel 2011 147

Our family room opens right up to our kitchen.

Christmas Mantel 2011 160

You can read more about our casual Christmas table here.

Christmas Mantel 2011 190

In our kitchen, I decided to not incorporate the reds and focus on blues and greens that work with our collection of Liberty Blue and Friendly Village Transferware.

I didn’t add a lot, just a few details to brighten things up. You can read more about our kitchen this Christmas here.

Christmas in the Kitchen 047

Christmas in the Kitchen 054

My vintage blue canning jars are still in the transom window, but I added some green felt ribbon (found at Michael’s) and some green stars.

Christmas Mantel 2011 287

I added a mixture of potted evergreens and cut greens to my vintage ironstone pitchers.

Christmas in the Kitchen 058

I added the same ribbon inside my cabinets, the green stars and some moss birds.

Christmas in the Kitchen 059

Christmas in the Kitchen 099

Christmas in the Kitchen 125

Bailey also showed up for these pictures. However…

Christmas Mantel 2011 317

This is what she looked like after she broke ornaments she was sniffing at.

Christmas Mantel 2011 319

Our basement family room is all decked out for Christmas as well.

Christmas in the basement 2011 021

This space has a TV zone, a bar zone, a kid zone and a workout zone.

It is the best of all worlds!

This our TV area with a nice big couch for all of us to stretch out on.

Christmas in the basement 2011 028

We hung cozy stocking by the bar and lots of extra blankets for keeping warm in front of the TV.

Christmas in the basement 2011 034

Our vintage maple syrup sign is down here. You can read more about that vignette here.

Christmas in the basement 2011 043

Christmas in the basement 2011 048

The kid zone is full of craft supplies and is where Rudolph lives this time of year.

Christmas in the basement 2011 069

Christmas in the basement 2011 074

The workout room is just that – a workout room, so I didn’t photograph that!

If you want to see more of our tree and that fun box down here, you can read here.

Last, I want to share the Christmas tree in my daughter’s room. Last year, we put this in the basement. And yes, I have two daughters and only put a tree in one room. Why you ask? The reality is at this point and time, my youngest daughter sleeps in her sister’s room every night, so this seemed like the perfect year to do this and they have really enjoyed it.

White Christmas Tree 009

It is adequately packed with bright and sparkly ornaments bought on clearance over the past few years. It works perfectly with her newly bright and colorful room.

White Christmas Tree 024

I had something I was working on in our bedroom, if I get it done, I will be sure to add it.

If not, such as it goes.

I will be sharing at some of the parties found here and at The Shabby Creek Cottage and...

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