Hi! It's me again...

...Melissa from over at DaisyMaeBelle.

Thanks, Laura for having me back to share another wreath with y'all!

I love how Laura talks about the journey that we're all on...

...I remember my mom making wreaths when I was little.

She would stand in front of her stand (made by my dad especially for wreath making) with her hot glue gun in hand, wire snips and piles of silk flowers.

We always had beautiful wreaths all around our house.

She made them for friends and neighbors... She made them for gifts... She even sold them in a store for a bit.

So how appropriate that on my journey, one of my favorite things to share is wreaths. :)

Today I'm going to show you how to make this Magnolia Wreath.



about 50 magnolia leaves

(find a good friend with a tree :))

silver metallic spray paint

styrofoam wreath form

hot glue


Spray paint the back sides of about 12 magnolia leaves with the silver paint.


Cut each of the stems at an angle.

It makes it so much easier to get the leaf into the form.


Insert a leaf into the outside of the form about every 3 inches.

Add a drop of hot glue to secure the leaf.


Then insert a leaf every few inches on the inside of the form,


until you've covered the form.


Keep adding leaves until the form is covered.

Randomly place the silver leaves in the form.

Since the silver leaves are going in with their backs showing,

they curved in a different direction than the others, which added some fullness.


Using hot glue, add plastic ornaments here and there.


Find the perfect holiday spot to enjoy it!

How to make a snowball wreath

Or, if you need yet another wreath idea,

this one might be just the one for you!

You can find out how to make it here.

Life to the full!


Thanks so much Melissa - you warmed my heart with your beauty story of your Mom's wreath making - and your Dad making her a stand!

And thank you so much to all of you for reading!


November 14, 2013 — Laura Putnam