Ariel-Disneys-Little-Mermaid-Jr I almost called this post “Mermaids in the Snow”. The irony of being knee deep in starfish, seashells and lots and lots of glitter while the snow is once again falling heavy from the sky does not escape me. I am sipping hot tea in between burning myself with my glue gun and glittering all the things. I can not fully count how many times I have burned myself. If you read my post the other day (which by the way, thank you so much for all your incredibly kind comments!), you know I am working on the costumes for our middle school product of The Little Mermaid, Jr. Little-Mermaid-Jr-Ariel-Shoes_edited-1 When we first started planning costumes and sets for the play, our incredibly talented director said she didn’t want too much sparkle and glitter. We were stunned. How could we not have glitter and sparkle under the sea? But after our team went rogue on a few things, she came to the “glittery side” and let us go full on with the sparkle. Putting aside my true love for all things glittery, the real reason I want to bring in the sparkle is for a totally different reason. Recently, our intermediate school put on Aladdin and "the show was stolen" by the flying carpet that had no lines. He came on to the stage with such enthusiasm and such a huge smile that you couldn’t help but be drawn to him. He caught the light. And that is what I want most for these kids, to catch the light. To find that moment when all of their hard work comes together and they perform to their fullest potential. And when the play is all over, they remember that moment and look to catch the light each and every day. Our job is to add in a little bit of glitter, sparkle and shine to help along the way. Little-Mermaid-in-the-Snow And although it is not glittered, I wanted to share this adorable pair of shoes for Ariel that I made using this clever tutorial. Colonial-Style-Costume-Shoes_edited-1 Stay warm friends and thanks for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1