I went to so many auction in January, February was a month to step back and assess what I had and hold off on auctions.

But, last week, I made it back to a fun one.

If you have read about my auctions before you know I tend to go to two different ones. One is very organized, and one, not so much.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

This one was the not so organized one.

Here are some of the treasures I found…

The middle items are vintage shoe stretchers. I actually have 12 of them, and no, I have no idea what I am going to do with them!

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Some vintage milk glass. There were a few other pieces as well, but they didn’t make it to the photo shoot, they were already busy.

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Some vintage Boy Scout stuff for a client’s playroom and vintage baseball items for another client.

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4 creamers, Coke crate and the bottles, tons of vintage thread spools and two hand mirrors.


Again, not sure what I will do with these vintage movie reels, but hopefully I will figure something out. Check out the labels inside the case, too fun.

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The Got Milk sign is actually for my husband’s office, I have been looking for one for him for a while. The old frame should make a great chalkboard. And, now THAT is a dictionary! I haven’t checked the publication date but since it is in such bad shape I will not feel bad pulling it apart.

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The school bell is for my sister, she has a collection of them and the small clock is really cute.

spring mantel, family room march auction 219

A whole bunch of linens. My favorites are the red apron with the limes and the white floral table cloth.

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I am still working on putting together an auction “how-to” which hopefully will be done soon.

This auction was interesting because I had a whole list of items that at 10:00 they still had not put up. They started asking for requests and most of my stuff was bought in the last 20 minutes.

Holding out so late was hard, but financially worth it. I don’t believe this a pretty common practice, like I said this a pretty casual style auction, but you just never know!

I will share these finds at some of the parties in my sidebar, come on by!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

March 16, 2011 — Laura Putnam