No pictures yet, but I went to an auction last night and will going to one tonight as well. This time I was smarter and I previewed tonight's auction yesterday so I don't end up with any lemons. I have a list, and if all goes well, I won't bid on anything not on my list! There are two amazing primitive cabinets that I am in love with. They were originally in the "Fine Art Auction" and did not sell so now they are in the "Town and Country" auction tonight, which means a really old and great piece going for hopefully much less money. I just can not make up my mind, they are beautiful but I am just not sure what I would do with them!

A special thanks to Jane at Finding Fabulous. She featured my Runner of Thanks project. Thanks so much Jane. It means a lot to be featured from such a creative blog with so many followers. Take a minute and go check it out!

Today may be a day off from school, but we are heading to the "big" mall, a birthday party and an auction. I hope everyone has an amazing Veteran's Day. We have a dear friend who we love very much who is in Afghanistan right now. Not only are we thankful for him, but his amazing family at home making it possible for him to serve our country.

Amazingly, here is a picture of him flying a black hawk over there. He is a pretty amazing guy. Please keep him and all our troops and their families in your prayers.

Have a great day!
November 11, 2010 — Laura Putnam