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We have all been very busy on the playhouse.
playhouse and jewlery frame 001

It is all closed in, the first round of stain is on and roof is shingled. Here are the girls heading up to the roof.

playhouse and jewlery frame 004

We also did the dreaded seasonal clothing switch! This time, I decided the girls were old enough to be part of this lovely process. I was quite impressed with how well they did and I was very thankful that it went a lot smoother with so much help.

So with that done, Sunday morning I set about to tackling my next project.

Last year we finished our basement after finally (hopefully!) resolving the water issue we always had down there. There is one area that is still unfinished, where the boiler and electric box, etc. When we remodeled our kitchen we could not just throw away the cabinets so we installed them with the countertops in this area. It very quickly became just a dumping zone for all of the stuff we did not know where to go with. Here is where I started yesterday morning…

playhouse and jewlery frame 012

playhouse and jewlery frame 010
Yeah, it wasn’t pretty…

The fun part was that while I was cleaning, the girls found their dollhouses which they haven’t played with in months, and they got right back to old times. I love listening to them when they are in full blown make believe play mode.

playhouse and jewlery frame 015

E was fully engrossed…

playhouse and jewlery frame 013

So, the finished space...

playhouse and jewlery frame 018

It is far from glamorous. But it gives me a place to work.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. When I work on a project, I leave a bit of a tornado in my wake. This gives me the opportunity to work on a project, walk away when necessary and come back when the opportunity presents itself. It also prevents me from destroying the entire house which then puts me behind in everything. I can just destroy my own little space and shut the door when necessary!

playhouse and jewlery frame 023

There is plenty of storage, but right now most of my stuff is all over the place. I now have a place to go with everything which will give my husband back at least some his garage.

I have everything I need including a slop sink…

playhouse and jewlery frame 026

A worktable. The plastic behind it is to have a place to spray paint but I am thinking that there is just not enough ventilation for that to work. I spot sprayed something really quick today and it was just too much.

playhouse and jewlery frame 027

I did try to “pretty it up” a little bit. I put some wallpaper samples that I had from a previous project up on the fronts for a little fun. I also used the bird decals I had left over from another project as well.

Eventually I would love to get some pegboard up below the cabinets to get as many things off the counter as possible. This is another great work surface and want to try to keep things somewhat organized.

playhouse and jewlery frame 031

Hopefully this new workspace will afford me the opportunity to work on projects more easily. When I first started this I was worried about having enough ideas. Now, I am finding the biggest challenge to be having enough time to get projects done. I have a list of things to work on and I now I feel very blessed to have a space to do it in.

By the way, at the time that I am posting this, I am at 103 followers. It pretty much blows me away that 103 people are interested in what I have to blog about! Thank you to each of you for choosing to be a follower and for all of your wonderful comments. I hope I don’t disappoint you!

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November 09, 2010 — Laura Putnam