Christmas-Watercolor-Pillow-Cover Hello sweet friends! I hope your weekend was fun and hopefully a little bit of relaxing was thrown in. We were in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. Usually, I get a lot of shopping done over Thanksgiving weekend. This year, I only was able to do a little bit. Instead, Peanut "graduated" to being able to join us on Black Friday shopping so we got to spend time with both of my girls and I was able to spend time with my sister-in-law and nieces. After returning from shopping, my sister-in-law, Nancy, got us all started on a project for sewing our own pillowcases. We got a little out of hand and were unable to stop and we just kept making throw pillows out of the leftover fabric. I think we should forget about shopping next year and maybe just craft the weekend away. We all enjoyed it so much. They did not come out as nice as the ones in our shop, but they will be gracing all of our beds this holiday season. I would like to also take a moment to give Nancy a shout-out. She was making teepees for her sons long before they became so popular, and hers even had opening windows. She is one crafty lady and a whiz with a sewing machine. I was so thankful she could teach my girls some skills (and me too!) since I have a bad relationship with sewing machines. I am still decorating for Christmas, which is a blogger no-no. I am hoping to be all finished up today and then be able to share with all of you later this week. I made the decision to not be part of the fun Holiday House Walk that I normally have the opportunity to be part of. This year, the wholesale side of our maple syrup and candle business takes so much of our time. I didn't want to commit to something and not be ready. So, this year, it will just be little 'ol me in a house tour. I hope you will still join us! We are hoping by the time it posts, all will actually be calm and bright. Script-Christmas-Pillow-Red I spent a good 3o minutes looking up and downloading all of the songs from Time Life Christmas album on to my iPhone. I realize I am dating myself with this, but there is so better Christmas album. I plan on turning up the music and getting through the last part of decorating, and then the dreaded clean up of it all. greenlinedotsontopcopy_thumb.jpg If you are still hoping to do a quick Advent calendar, you can print out tags here. Watercolor-Printable-Advent-Calendar greenlinedotsonbottomcopy_thumb.jpg And now to Cyber Monday. I am trying to find that balance between not getting lost in all of the noise of "sales" and not being part of the noise. We are running a sale, through tomorrow night for 20% off of your order. This will be our only sale of the season, so, if you are looking for some unique made in the USA gifts from a small business, we are a great option! Please note that our sweet cardinal got a little bit of a holiday makeover. holiday-square-promo Thank you so much for reading! Quickpen-Signature_edited-1
November 30, 2015 — Laura Putnam