Let me tell you a story.

And it starts in Target.

Shouldn’t all stories start in Target?


Anyway, a while back, so long ago in fact I am embarrassed to say exactly how long – someone smashed up my bumper while I was parked in the Target parking lot.

And I just have never gotten it fixed. Once, I went to have an estimate done and it was so high, I just got overwhelmed. And so, I did nothing.


Now let’s skip ahead to this February and hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday. All I wanted was to have my car detailed and not have to figure out the logistics of having it done. And so when my birthday came around, Hubby told me not only was it his plan to have it detailed but he would also take care of getting my bumper fixed.

I was elated. It doesn’t take much to make me happy these days.


So, this week Hubby took my car into a different place and their estimate was WAY lower – but they would need to keep the car for three days. Which meant I have been driving Hubby’s car and he has had a rental. It all seemed good because even with the rental fees it was still going to be half of what the other place estimated.

Except there is something you may not know about me. Sometimes I get a little scattered brained and do foolish things. The worse part is my foolish things seem to come in sets.

So, it is of no surprise to people who know me well, that yesterday when I went to the gym I put my wedding rings in the cup holder of hubby’s car, which I often do in my own car. What I failed to notice is that the liner to the cup holder was missing and that meant there were holes in cup holder.

Which means when I went to retrieve my rings, my wedding ring was still there, but my engagement ring was gone.

I kept relatively calm and went and got some tools because, heck I have some DIY skills, I could totally handle it, right?

30 minutes later I knew I was not removing the console and I drove right to the Chevrolet / GMC dealer in town.

This is what really good customer service looks like. These two gentlemen tried their hardest to get it. We could see it with a flashlight, but we could not reach it.

good customer service

It was at this point the conclusion was made that we would have to remove the entire center console, which required an appointment, which meant I had to wait till this morning to bring it back in. It is amazing how used to having something on your finger you become. I have been wearing this ring for nearly 20 years.

It was quite a relieving moment when I was finally able to place the ring back on my finger and drive away with the car still intact (and a replaced break light!).

finding farm

So, in conclusion…

Fixing my car - $350

Rental Car - $100

Retrieving engagement ring from the center console - $100

Having my engagement ring back on my finger – Priceless

The good news is last night I wasn’t paying attention and cut my finger while cutting an avocado. So that makes two things – so I should only have one more foolish thing in me for this round!

Oh, and thanks to Hubby for waiting till I had the ring to let me know that he was worried it could have fallen all the way through and be on the road somewhere!

Oh, and wish me luck when the car is detailed next week!

Thanks for reading!


April 12, 2013 — Laura Putnam