Most people are quite familiar with the mischievous Elf on the Shelf who visits many homes during the Christmas holidays.

We, however, have a mischievous friend who visits during the month of October.

I would like to introduce you to our friendly ghost – Fred.

Family Tradition

Now although he is friendly, his main purpose is to successfully spook another family member.

Once you are spooked, then it is your turn to be the spooker.

Which is why he lurks behind railings.

Or pokes out behind shower curtains.

shower curtains

Or may take a short nap in your unmade bed.

short nap

And the one spot where my family always successfully spooks me, is when he is off the ground and on my toilet.

Makes me jump. every. single. time.

Family Tradition

Fred was a gift from my good friend Jackie a few years ago. I think I need to give credit to my sister who originally hid him somewhere to scare me. Then I started trying to “spook” my girls and they started doing it right back.

As many times as it happens, and even when you know he is around, he still gets ya.

Like when the door is closed to the water closet (the fancy word for saying the little room with the potty), you think- Hmm, why is this closed. So you open it and you jump every time because he is at a higher height.

Right now, he is in my daughter’s closet. Hee hee.

Please know, this is not the true “scaring” type of thing – it is the funny “makes you jump”.

In other words, no children or ghosts are harmed during these antics.

By the way, our Elf is also named Fred.

For whatever reason, years ago, my husband started using the name Fred as a term of affection with our girls.

Where other people may say, “Hey Sweetie, could you pass the milk?”. He says, “Hey Fred, can you pass the milk?”.

We are a quirky little bunch.

But I like us that way.

Thanks for reading!

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Family Tradition