A Fall Mantel & Universe Whispers

Traditional-Fall-Decorating A friend told me this weekend that the universe was whispering to me and I wasn't listening, so clearly, it had to begin screaming. And screaming it is. As in lower back pain that... Just.  Keeps.  Coming.  Back. No pun intended. Simple-Pumpkin-Fall-Mantel Today I learned what the problem is and I will begin physical therapy this week.  Luckily it is not too serious and it is manageable.   I also learned that I will likely not be able to return to the type of workouts that I have done for years and years.  The ones that work.   But the truth is, I haven't been able to do them for months because they keep making my back worse. ...whispers. So now, I rest and start with something new. Pumpkins-Galvanized-Fall-Mantel I have to admit, the rest part is a little bit of a relief.   I have to find a way to get my mojo back.  Not just in working out, but overall.  I feel like I have been off my game.  Trying to juggle and manage so many things that none of them are done well. ...whispers. Natural-Fall-Mantel Maybe that is why we all love the change of seasons so much.  A chance for a mini fresh start.  It seems like such a silly  little change, a fall mantel, but it is one of my favorite things. Ideas-welcoming-Fall-Family-Room This year, I kept it really simple.  Candles, pumpkins, leaves from a tree outside and four galvanized roof panels. Galvanized-Fall-Mantel_edited-1 I think taking the time to decorate for the season forces us to slow down,  at least a little bit, and listen.  So I enter this first part of fall with a lesson learned. Listen a little bit more to the whispers before they start to scream. Take care of ourselves. French-Country-Fall-Mantel What about you?  What whispers have you been pushing down? Thanks so much for reading. Quickpen-Signature_edited-1