A Double Digit Filled House

It is official.

My Peanut is 10.

peanuts bday collage 1

I took a few minutes of the day to capture the real her as much as possible.

She has had a big year and is really coming into herself and finding herself so beautifully.

As I know we all feel, but still have to say – I am so proud to be her Mom.

She is an endless Blessing.

Peanut Bday

peanut bday

This year we kept things simple and focused on fun time with just a few really good friends.

I don’t have any tutorial to share with you or theme party ideas.


We have done those parties and had a blast with them.

This year there was swimming, a sleepover and banana splits at an old fashioned ice cream shop.

peanut bday

The birthday girl did feel there was one theme element that was necessary – mustaches.

She does not know about the “moustache trend” to the best of my knowledge. She just thinks they are funny.

moustache bday

To give her the courage to go for it even though we were in public, we got in on the action.

Yup, that is how we roll. Ha!

that is how we roll

This is a big birthday week for us, but this year I got a little smarter and had multiple desserts and mulitple songs sung – daughter, husband, sister and step-dad all covered - all in ONE night!

That doesn’t even include my husband’s side of the family.

all bdays

It was a lovely and simple night celebrating each other and a year of new health for my step-dad. He even has some hair back!

It is very sweet that daughter and Dad celebrate their birthday’s two days apart.

peanut and dad

I feeling like a very thankful and blessed Momma.

peanuts bday 3

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about not just design ideas, but our family journey as well!